Thursday, August 19, 2010

Recap of my first week of school.....

Monday; up and showered early, hair perfect, fully loaded makeup, backpack and lunch bag were completely packed the night before.

Tuesday; I'm up and showered on time, hair blow dried, full makeup, backpack packed night before, Tasha packe...d my lunch last night, how nice.

Wednesday; it's morning? Ok, I'm up...showered with barely enough time to get eyeliner and mascara on, remembered books but forgot to put laptop in backpack the night before, crammed yogurt, string cheese, a dt. coke and 2 frapps in the bag on the way out the door.

Thursday; I'm frickin' up (mumbling - damn effing alarm clock, shut the hell up - as she slaps the snooze button on the WRONG alarm clock) hell with the shower, I barely put any hairspray on yesterday anyhow, washed my face last night before bed but better use the actual makeup remover to get rid of the raccoon eyes, get bedhead hair flattened out, add mascara, cram books (that I had to gather from every corner of the house) into backpack, lock door on way out...shit!...forgot laptop...unlock door, get laptop....packing lunch is over rated, if Julie doesn't end up joining me I'll pay a stranger to have lunch with me....

And, little girl, what did you learn this week? I learned that I know how to teach a computer class on Outlook 2007 better than some...some that actually get paid to teach it.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The end of Summer 2010

I know it's been a while, I've not been in much of a mood to write anything good, so I've tried to limit what I do write to Facebook so it gets lost amidst the posts =)

I went to TX for 4 days (July 30th - Aug 2nd) to attend my Dad's wedding on July 31st...or, watch his last funeral, as he put it. That was interesting, to say the least. It was nice to meet my cousin Dan, my new step-sister and her family, and to see my nephew and my best friends from Barksdale...I ate, a LOT.

Dad and Teresa came here for a week (Aug 3rd-10th). In the middle of all that, Bill came home for his first vacation in roughly 9 years (Aug 5th-13th). We didn't go anywhere, but managed to have a good time amidst the chaos anyway.

We had no air conditioning in the car or the apartment for the hottest weekend of the year, that all got fixed. Then the radiator in the car decided to explode in the Mall parking lot. I'm VERY happy that if it had to happen, it did it when it did! It was one week before my first day of college and Bill was home to deal with it, Dad and Dennis were around to follow and take me to get parts, and I turned into a bawling basket case under so much pressure that I nearly exploded and had to be replaced myself!

The Sioux Empire Fair started on the 10th, Dad and Teresa left that afternoon. On the 11th we went to the fair, I nearly ate myself into a coma consuming fair food; nachos, turkey legs, chislic, philly cheesesteaks, chicken kabobs, funnel cakes...O.M.G! That night we went to Clay Walker, Tasha nearly had a severe meltdown in the pre-concert noise, but I managed to talk her down until the music started, then she had a BLAST. Other than the fair, we went swimming one day (Granny T went with us so Tasha thought that was cool), we went bowling with the whole family here (Dennis and his family, Dad, Teresa, Nana and Nick, Bill, Tasha and I), we had ice cream at Cold Stone, we ate out at HuHot and the Olive Garden (!mmmm!), looked at the duplex and decided to move, went to Tasha's registration, my laptop orientation, and just generally enjoyed our last week of summer freedom. I was actually sad that it ended. :(

Next year Bill gets two weeks of vacation and I don't care who's ass it chaps, we are doing SOMETHING away from home...even if it's just camping!

I'll start posting on school soon. Be afraid, very afraid.