Thursday, December 30, 2010

Why I don't like to see Doctors

Ok, so, I have shin splints in BOTH legs, from simply walking, the brittle bone disease and the bone loss I am showing suggests that this shouldn't be a shock, it's affecting my arms and teeth also, hence some of the forearm pain, and the need for sensitive tooth toothpaste. This isn't new, I've done the bone tests before, it's just getting worse. This part tends to be genetic I am told.

The muscle swelling induced PAD is new, it's also the majority of the cause of the pain in my calves, hips, and gluts, it could also be contributing to the pain in my forearms, since the blood flow is restricted at times. I guess I'm just falling apart, and there isn't much that can even be done about it. Now I get to watch for symptoms of heart issues, the restrictions on the blood vessels will most certainly lead to that at some point.

A good starting point to alleviate some of the pain and help the issues at handn would be weightloss, funny how that's a contributing factor, but I'm restricted on physical activity because of it. No gym for me. Low impact exercise only, I can ride a bike, do short 10 minutes burst upper body cardio routines (low impact lower body cardio added AFTER the shin splints are relieved), and walk as tolerated. I will be using the Kinect for the Xbox, I'm glad I had already wrapped my head around that possibility yesterday, I just felt like there was something wrong and I shouldn't join the gym before being seen about my legs.

I also have the start of pneumonia, it's nothing contagious though, it was most likely brought on by the vomiting, dehydration, and laying around for a day and a half. Antibiotics will clear that up in no time since it was caught early.

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